7 Dec

I can feel the bug coming on… I want to knit a pair of socks.  Toe-up socks to be exact.  Self-striping yarn would be nice except that I don’t have any in my stash.  Yeah – you heard me right.  I have no self-striping sock yarn.  Sheesh…. What kind of knitter am I anyway?

I do have a bunch of mini-balls of sock yarn from previous socks.  In various (bright) colors.  So I could stripe myself.  Maybe I could have a main color like a dark grey or black and put in a few rows of red, bright blue, green, etc here and there.  That would work, huh?

I like the afterthought heel too. I put on a pair of socks this week that were self-striped with the afterthought heel and thought to myself, “I really like this pair of socks.  I need to make another.”

But, alas… I have too many projects going on as is.

I have a scarf/shawl that needs only 4 more rounds of the lace pattern – about 30 rows max.  I’m giving this away as a gift, so I should make this a priority so it gets done!

I have another scarf that is my “travel project”.  It’s an easy to memorize pattern and I take it on my trips.  That’s pretty much the only time I knit on it.  Then and when I’m between projects.  So I’ve had that project going on since May.  It’s a really long decorative lace scarf, so I’m about 70% done with it at most.  I don’t have to count that as a real project, right?

I have a pair of mittens that I started working on for Gianna.  I got 1.5 done and then she tried them on and they are too big.  They fit me perfectly though.  But I don’t wear mittens.  I wear gloves.  Do I finish them and give them away?  Or do I frog them?  Right now they are sitting on my fireplace waiting for this debate to be solved.

I have a sweater I’m test-knitting.  I feel very guilty that I haven’t been knitting on that project in a long time.  I lost interest.  I’m not sure I’ll have enough yarn.  I really can’t start YET ANOTHER project without some progress on that sweater for sure.

And finally, *I* still don’t have a headband.  I need to whip out one of those babies for me!  If I start a new project it should be my headband since they only take a day to knit.  And today I have my hair in a ponytail and hats just look stupid with a ponytail where as headbands fit that bill just perfectly.


I really want to knit a pair of self-striping socks… just sayin’.


One Response to “Socks”

  1. Judy December 7, 2011 at 2:06 PM #

    Knit Picks has a self-striping yarn (Felici) that is really soft when it’s finished and wears like iron! Just trying to help out a fellow knitter!

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