Too Funny!

1 Dec

Read today’s Yarn Harlot blog.  It is hilarious!  It applies to knitters but really, it applies to all crafters of any kind!

I had to send the above link to my 22yo daughter because I gave her a 2nd knitted head band today (it’s identical to her sister’s in this post).  My 22yo daughter wore her first head band to dinner yesterday  and said that her friend LOVES it and was going to pay $40 for one at a boutique.  My daughter said, “OF COURSE, my mom would love to make one for you! And no, she won’t take any money for it!”  LOL  Crack-a-lacking me up!

Unfortunately she’s correct.  I do like to make them and her friend is nice so I PROBABLY won’t charge her.  Maybe for supplies if my Goodwill Sweater Yarn runs low… 🙂

Oh and guess what?  She wants a gray one too!  That will be the fourth gray one I’ve knitted (there was a third one in there that I didn’t post but am giving to my son’s girlfriend).  What’s up with gray?  What’s wrong with adding a little color to your headband?

Oh and guess what else?  *I* don’t have one of these headbands yet!

2 Responses to “Too Funny!”

  1. Sonia December 1, 2011 at 7:03 PM #

    Hey! I would like one too…sans flower, of course :o) I’ll shop at GW here in Alabama for some yarn!!

    • ginaquilts December 1, 2011 at 8:13 PM #

      Without the flower? I’ve a little! Put the flower on!

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