Wednesday’s Whimsies

30 Nov
  1. I got a new iPhone.  I love it so far.  It’s a mini-me version of my iPad.  LOL
  2. The best app on the iPhone so far is a scanner app.  It allows you to scan the UPC of any item in the grocery store and it shows you the Weight Watcher’s Points Plus.  How cool is that?
  3. My son had to do a presentation in his English class on campus today.  The presentation was on yoga.  His sister came in for the demo on what he was speaking about.  They were awesome!  Who knew?
  4. Turns out my cousin has been in my son’s class all semester but neither knew each other!  What a riot!
  5. We had a craft show/art fair today in our campus lobby.  I didn’t buy anything although everything was mega-cool.  Why didn’t I buy?  Because I have the “I can do that” disease.  I see all these creative things and say, “Why buy?  I can do that!”  Sheesh… I could do it if I had more than 24 hours in a day.
  6. This is grading season.  Most people think it’s Christmas season.  Unless you’re a teacher and your semester ends days before Christmas.  This is the time of year when you are swamped with papers and projects and tests to grade, grade, and grade.  Who thought that one through?  Not a mother…
  7. It’s cold today.  24 degrees but feels like 15 according to the weather channel app I have.  So of course, today Hawk decides to be frisky and take off through the neighborhood at 7am.  When is that dog going to live with Cory?
  8. I looked into buying a baby grand piano this past weekend.  It was the deal of a century.  Lovely piece of furniture.  Sounded like crap.  It was all tinny sounding.  I couldn’t tell if it just needed to be tuned or if that’s just the way it was supposed to sound.  But too big of a chance.  Bummer… no baby grand for Gina and Gianna.
  9. Update: we came home from work today and had a visit from our alderman. A neighbor complained about our bushes blocking the view of traffic. These bushes have been planted for about 7 years. And they are complaining now. What the heck? But you know what really bothers me? That the neighbors didn’t walk over and talk to us directly. We’ve been neighbors for almost 13 years. What happened to being civil? The alderman asked if we would remove some of the bushes and we said no. He asked if we would cut them back. We said yes. Now was that so hard? And, hey. How about asking us in the summer. Now the bushes are bare of leaves and it’s super cold outside. So we’re going to be trimming bushes in the snow this weekend.

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