25 Nov

We had a really nice Thanksgiving this year.  I wasn’t hardly stressed out at all!  🙂 Except that one dream… where we ran out of food because of all the unexpected guests and my mom stood in line at the neighbor’s porch to buy hamburgers.  🙂  But that was all….

We had 13 people here – two turkeys and lots of side dishes and desserts!  Great desserts!  Not a lot of leftovers either.  We gobbled up the goodness.  Here are some good pictures that I took yesterday (in no particular order).

My husband, Dan, and I

My brother-in-law Bruce

Dan's Sister-in-law Cory

My youngest son DJ

My youngest daugher, Gianna, and my husband, Dan

My oldest daughter, Mia, and Me

My oldest son, Cory, and his dog, Hawk

My dad and mom

Dan's mom and step-dad

My brother-in-law Ron

My sister Sonia

Hawk was exhausted at the end of the day. Me too!


And what’s a post without a knitting picture (or two)?  I whipped up this headband for my oldest daughter.  It only took a couple of hours.  I love it!  I’m not sure she’ll love the yarn, but it’s a prototype and she can pick her own yarn and colors once we see if this fits her head and is what she wants.




One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Sonia November 26, 2011 at 9:37 AM #

    Why yes, I also have a white head in my house!

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