Night at the Wax Museum

17 Nov

My 10yo is in a musical for school called “Night at the Wax Museum”.  She and her fellow thespians have been practicing after school for the past couple of months.  The director is NOT the music teacher like in years past.  The music teacher is swamped with other tasks and was going to have to cancel the 4th/5th grade musical this year.  So another teacher (language arts) stepped up to the plate and said she would direct the musical.

A few weeks ago, I dropped Gianna off at practice and asked the teacher, “Do you need any help?”  “No, I think I’m fine,” she says.  Well, like most young, ambitious teachers (mostly of the female gender), the woman thinks she’s SuperWoman.  (I’m familar with this SuperWoman complex since I suffer from it also.)   She’s not fine.  She’s 7 months pregnant, has 30 unruly 9-11 year olds running amok back stage, and is totally stressed out.

The play is in two days.

They have yet to get through the entire play in a practice session.

Yesterday another mother, my 22yo daughter and I attended the practice.  The director finally succumbed to the idea that help is NOT a bad thing.  So the three of us threw ourselves into the task and went backstage to:

  • get the kids on stage on cue.  Seems simple enough – but have you worked with 9-11 year olds?  I’m pretty sure that some of their attention spans are less than 10 minutes.
  • feed the kids their lines.  One of us has to stay just beyond the curtain to prompt the kids who keep forgetting their lines.  It’s funny – it’s not the kids who have 100 lines that forget them.  It’s the ones who only have 4 lines that can’t seem to remember what their line is and when to say it!  You have 4 lines!  You’ve been practicing for months!  Stage fright?  Maybe… but feeding them lines from behind the curtain is better that everyone standing on stage looking awkward.
  • keep the kids quiet backstage when they are not currently ON the stage.  Easy you say?  Well, let me tell you… the administration apparently frowns upon taping their mouths shut and tying them to a chair.  Hmmm… I’m going to let my older daughter and the other mother figure that one out.  Because after what I saw last night, that’s the only way to get some of these kids in line!

After the practice, the director said this run-through went smoother than any other previous one.  We have ONE MORE practice – tonight – then it’s show time to the parents, grandparents, and friends at $5 a ticket.  A miracle would be nice about now!


One Response to “Night at the Wax Museum”

  1. bsburgess November 17, 2011 at 8:02 PM #

    Oh man! Super Woman to the rescue.

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