Wednesday’s Whimsies

16 Nov

I know… that word “whimsies” doesn’t look like it’s spelled right.  But according to my spell-checker it is!


  1. I can’t spell. I used  to be able to spell, but it’s something I’ve recently lost.  I rely totally on spell checker.  Bad?  I don’t know.  Some schools are eliminating spelling tests entirely from the curriculum!  See this article about a school in Virginia who is doing just that.
  2. One of our local grade schools has eliminated cursive writing all together from their curriculum.  Is cursive really necessary anymore?  You need to be able to sign your name but what else requires good penmanship?
  3. With all this eliminating, you’d hope there would be more room for MATH and SCIENCE to be taught.  I’m all for that!
  4. Today is my birthday!  I’m 49 years old.  It’s good to be 49 because (a) I’m not 50 and (b) I’ve lived a wonderfully, charmed 49 years of life and (c) I’ve been pampered by my children so far today.  🙂  The younger kids got up and made me breakfast, took the dog out in the freezing cold to give me a morning off from doing it and emptied the dishwasher.  All before 6:30am!  I’m milking this birthday for all it’s worth baby!  You know, like I do every other year!
  5. I hired a new student lab assistant today.  Without infringing on his privacy, let me just say that this is a young adult who has really fallen on some hard times.  He’s homeless with no vehicle.  He rides his bike or WALKS to school everyday from the homeless shelter a town over.  He has a great attitude – wants to learn, never misses class, succeeds in the classes he is taking.  He was THRILLED to get this minimum wage job for only 15 hours a week.  I’d like to do more for this young man.  I never have a problem helping someone who wants to help themselves.
  6. Life is good!

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