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Wednesday’s Musings

26 Oct

Just some random thoughts here for a great hump-day:

  • Interesting article in last week’s New York Times.  The author was talking about majors in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) over other majors.   Here’s a quote for you:

Compared with many other fields outside of these disciplines, STEM workers can earn higher wages. On average, 65 percent of those who hold a bachelor’s degree in such fields will earn more than those who hold master’s degrees in other subjects. Among those with associate’s degrees in the science and technical fields, 63 percent earn more than those who hold bachelor’s degrees in other subjects.

  • I fear that I’ve let my kids participate in too many extracurricular activities.  Their grades are not suffering – they are still heading into the end of the quarter with straight As.  However, there isn’t a lot of down time.  The past two days, Gianna in particular has gone to school at 7am for play practice and I don’t pick her up until after 4pm because she has speech team practice.  Both those activities end in mid-November.  She’s been neglecting her piano a bit because she can’t fit it in!  So I’m going to have to see what the kids can participate in and limit their activities I’m afraid.  It’s okay not to be in EVERYTHING.
  • I am teaching a group of 8th graders how to program in November.  That should be fun!  I like that age range and there’s usually a good deal of excitement.  We program games and they always love that.
  • I have grading up the wazoo to do.  Both I’m typing this post instead of doing it.  I need a lesson in delayed gratification.
  • I continue to knit away although my knitting time during the week is VERY limited.  A few minutes here and there keeps my addiction level satiated and I haven’t gone through withdrawals yet.  🙂