So Busy

16 Oct

This weekend we attended “Wicked” – the musical.  It was beyond fantastic!  I couldn’t believe it was so great!  I knew the basic premise of the story, but didn’t know the entire story.  I’m glad.  It made it so much more enjoyable.  We took the two younger kids and they enjoyed it as much as Dan and I did.

I also finished Gianna’s sweater.  It has it’s minor “issues” (like… doesn’t one sleeve look slightly longer than the other?) but overall I really like the way it turned out.


Before we went to Wicked, I had the day off so I hit “GW” by myself.  Lots of time to browse.  I got some more sweaters to unravel and set about unraveling right away.  Here’s a red 100% merino wool sweater from Petite Sophisticate that I got a bit ago.  The yarn looks like a sport or even a DK weight.



And this butt-ugly sweater is HUGE and 94% lambswool!  It’s also filthy.  I’m unwinding it now and will soak it in a wool soak before using it.  I like the natural color.

The sweater above looks like it’s patchwork squares but it’s not.  You have to take off the decorative whip stitch but it’s just knit in rows.  There is very little shaping and it’s pulling apart wonderfully.  I’ve already got a sweater vest pattern in elaborate cabling picked out for this yarn.  🙂  Put it on the list…


One Response to “So Busy”

  1. Sheila October 23, 2011 at 2:43 AM #

    Wow! What great finds @ GW… can’t wait to see what you make from the recovery. Gianna’s sweater is adorable and I’m in love with the color. I don’t think one sleeve is longer, it just looks like the left shoulder was hanging lower. But then you probably already figured that out! I’m amazed at how fast you knit.

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