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Another Test Knit Cardigan

8 Oct

I’m still working on Gianna’s sleeves.  One is done; the other needs to be started.  It’s boring!  PLUS I promised to start test knitting another cardigan.  So I’m attempting to work on two projects at once.  🙂  Not possible you say?  Well, I’m trying to be disciplined and working every other day on each project.  However,  I find that I work on one project for a while then put it away then pick up the other project; repeat.  Gianna’s sleeves are just stockinette stitch in the round and they are fairly boring so I need a break now and then.

Here’s the new cardigan in the hand dyed yarn with the Kool-aid.

I’ve already used almost two skeins.  You can’t tell where the skein change happened which is good.  However, the stuff that I just dyed and needs to be balled seems too teal.  Not good.  I’ll have to see it in the light when it’s dry and see if it’s time to panic or not!

I have to work today.  My colleague set up a game programming symposium and then sprung it on me yesterday that he can’t make it.  Rather than cancel, I said I’d take it over.  I’m bringing my 13yo son to partake in the festivities.  The event is poorly planned because my colleague is like that.  I will try to not make this stress me out and ruin my weekend.  It is what it is.  I wonder if I can bring knitting to do?