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The Softball Machine

4 Oct

We have the video of the softball pitching machine uploaded on YouTube now.  It’s sooooo cooool!  I love having these geeks related to me!

This is NOT the speed that Gianna will be hitting!  She’ll be hitting at approximately 35-40 mph.  She is a bit freaked out and jumps out of the batter’s box because:

  1. She’s seen how fast the ball has gone in the past
  2. She doesn’t really believe us that Dad has total control over the speed because every once in a while it comes out slightly faster or slower than what we expect
  3. The machine makes a pretty intimidating noise.

Given enough exposure and confidence, she will be able to hit off it.

What’s next?  Fencing in the yard so that she doesn’t put out any windows?  🙂  That might be a good idea!