Not Much Happening

29 Sep

Not much to blog about anyway.  The kids are very active in school and extracurricular activities.  It’s keeping me on my toes and the time is flying by.  My wrist is hurting a bit because of a sweater that I’ve started for Gianna.  It has a lot of cables and purling and it’s causing some strain.  So I’m only knitting about 4 rows a day.  I’ll post pictures soon…  We are kinda “winging it” with the pattern so I’m not sure if it will be what we envision  or not.

My Doodla postings have not been great, but they continue to be fun to do.  Here are the past 6 days.

For the picture I entitled “The Geek” we were given the two partial rectangles from which I made the tops of the guy’s glasses.  Here’s the winning entry for that day.

“Court” is a very good artist.  I really enjoy what he comes up with.  We can name the drawing whatever we want.  Do you see the “lines” in common?  My glasses and his shirt?  Cool huh?

In my drawings above, the one I entitled “Happy Flowers” was drawn from the four random circles and the crescent shapes that I turned into the mouths.  For “Barnyard King” we were given part of what I drew as the rooster’s top hairs.  For “Quilting Time” we were given the very odd shape that I made the thread out of.  It’s pretty challenging.  There are great drawings and average drawings.  But I continue to learn and try to draw new things.  It’s a lot of fun and I look forward to each day’s doodles.  You can check out other drawings for today at


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