More Progress To Report

13 Sep

I got the second sleeve on my cardigan.  Whooo!  Hooooo!  That only leaves about a skein of yarn for the body (about 5″ worth) and then pick up and knit the front and neck ribbing.  I think I can be finished with that sweater this weekend.  I’ll be wearing it next week for sure.  It’s a short sleeved sweater but the sleeves come to my elbows.  It’ll be perfect for early-fall here in Illinois.

What else do I do to keep busy?  Every day I post a picture on  It’s a great way to start your day.  Here’s how it works.

  1. You must have an iPad.  The app is free but you can buy different width virtual pens for $0.99.  So of course, you need those pens!  I also have a stylus so I don’t have to draw with my finger.
  2. Every day Doodla posts a squiggle.  It can be a series of lines or shapes.  Then you have to draw something incorporating those shapes.  You can’t erase any lines that you screw up on but you can erase and start the drawing over from scratch.
  3. After you’ve drawn your picture, you give it a title and submit it.
  4. Then you get to vote on everyone else’s drawings.  It’s a checkmark (I like it) or X (don’t like it) vote.

Here are my last few entries.

An artist – I am not.  But it’s a lot of fun!

The dog (first one) was today’s.  Not my best.  But the squiggle I was presented was the curved line that begins at the top of the dog’s head and extends to what looks like a nipple under the dog’s leg/paw.  So that’s the only thing I could think of.

Yesterday’s bedbug was drawn given the shapes on the wings, the body and a “J” that extended from the body.

Now, obviously, there are some really talented artists drawing doodles.  I’m just having fun and trying to awaken my inner creativity.  I learn from the “good drawings” – like how to shade with dots – and I learn from Internet line drawings.

Check it out!


One Response to “More Progress To Report”

  1. Campanile February 8, 2012 at 2:19 PM #

    I think you are fabulous artist You are under rating yourself.

    Doodla is a blast, I look forward to receiving my squiggle everyday, I just found out about the doodla pens, eek, no wonder my sketches look so crude, all finger drawn Haha.

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