11 Sep

Dan has his tennis ball gun working!  It’s amazing!  We are going to make a youtube video of it this afternoon and I’ll post the link on the blog here.  It’s quite cool.  He’s ready for Phase II which is to modify the barrel to shoot a softball.  We will have our own version of a pitching machine soon I think.

I’m plugging away at the latest sweater.

I turned the flash off on the camera which makes the lace stitches really pop but makes the color look royal blue instead of the darker blue that it actually is.  I kind of screwed up picking up the stitches on the left sleeve there.  But you can’t tell when I tried on the garment so I think I’ll leave it as it.  We’ll see how much it bugs me.  I have a lot more of the length to go – 5 or 6 inches!  It’s a long cardigan. I will like the length but will dread picking up the front border stitches to add the ribbing around the front and neck!  It takes me an hour to pick p the sleeve stitches.

Gianna’s first softball practice is today.  Dan is making his famous “Roast Soup” for supper even though it isn’t quite soup weather yet.  The older kids are coming here for supper.  It’s one of their all-time favorite meals.  Cory has been coming over for Sunday suppers because that’s when we have “the good stuff” – steaks, roast, etc.  I think he makes the rounds to his various relatives’ houses to get free suppers all week.  Mia quit her Sunday job so she can start coming over for suppers now too.

Cory continues to succeed in school.  He’s getting straight As in his classes so far.  I’m glad he’s sticking to it.  He’s excited about succeeding and is determined to get good grades this time around.  Maybe the Army did wake him up in that sense.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  My sister called from working in Kentucky.  She scored a Men’s Medium CASHMERE sweater at Goodwill for only $2.50!  It’s a cranberry color (awesome) so I don’t have to overdye it.  I’m going to try to unravel and reuse the yarn.   $2.50!  🙂


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