An OMG Day

3 Sep

Today is shaping up to be an OMG Day.

OMG #1:  I woke up having to go the bathroom every 5 seconds.  That’s always a pleasant thing on the first day of a three-day weekend when there’s no way to get a hold of your doctor.  Thank goodness for the walk-in clinic!  However, the quack doctor said I did not have a UTI according to the tests.  Oh really?  Then please tell me why I am in the bathroom every 5 seconds!  He couldn’t answer that but wrote out a prescription for the meds anyway.

OMG #2:  My 12yo son put the riding lawnmower in the creek.  How?  No clue…  All I know is that he was cutting the grass when I left.  Then the neighbor yelled in our door that DJ was stuck going down the steep hill to the creek.  Dan went out and there’s DJ sitting on the lawnmower a few feet from the creek.  The lawnmower was off – apparently ran out of gas. Dan said, “Don’t take your foot off that brake!”  But DJ did… and ran over Dan’s foot on the way into the creek.  Yep… Again the lawnmower was off (Thank Heavens).  I expected Dan to snap out but he said it was so comical that all he could do was laugh.  He backed the Jeep into the yard and hauled the mower out.

OMG #3:  Dan and DJ are doing a cool project.  They started out trying to design and make a softball pitching machine.  However, first, they are making a prototype – a tennis ball launcher.  Hawk will be thrilled.  So after the lawnmower episode, they headed to the home store to get the stuff they need.  Dan called me… “Do you want to come with us?”  I said an emphatic NO!  Did he miss the part where I was in the bathroom every 5 seconds?  Do I want to watch him touch every piece of PVC pipe while I jostle from one foot to the other waiting not so patiently for him to finish already?  He saw the error of his ways and went without me.  TWO HOURS LATER, they finished.  Seriously… two hours of picking up plastic PVC pipe and elbows and joints… and putting them back down… and picking up the next one… Is this what we need?  Oh man… even on my best days, I would have run out of patience and yelled, “Just get it already!”

Anyway, the OMG moment comes when they put everything in the Jeep.  And DJ slams the back door down.  And it won’t shut because the PVC pipe is too long.  So he pushed it in further, and slams the door down again.  Finally it latches.  As they get in the Jeep, they notice the crack in the windshield – in two place. Ahhh… now we see why the door finally closed.  Because the pipe went through the windshield.

OMG #4:  Involves a cart in the grocery store parking lot and ton of rain that came down very quickly.  I’ll leave it to your imagination to fill in the blanks.

OMG #5:  Gianna came home from her sleepover having not slept (of course) but also with a virus that’s going around.  She has a sore throat, is congested, and is running a temperature.

Somehow everyone got home safe and sound.  There were no tsunamis, no traffic accidents.  My medication is kicking in.  Gianna is napping.  Dan has decided he has the wrong PVC parts and needs another trip to the home store.  Hopefully this trip will be uneventful.

I started a new project since the last one is done and blocking on a spare bed.  It still needs buttons but I’m calling it done enough to begin a new project.  It’s a test knit for a designer who will publish the pattern when we’re done and have found all the errors.  My yarn is Knit Picks CotLin (cotton and linen mix) in a DK weight. The color is Planetarium.  Here’s my swatch.

Amie Cardigan

It’s a bit of lace; a bit of stockinette stitch.  It should be interesting… I love the color!


One Response to “An OMG Day”

  1. Sonia September 3, 2011 at 5:14 PM #

    OMG!!!!! You’ve had quite a day. Good to hear that no one went to the hospital with a Ziploc containing a toe 🙂 One per family…

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