The Pink Sweater Is Done!

10 Aug

Done!  I tell you… DONE!  After much ta-do and hoopala, I bring you the pink sweater!

Had to get the pretty flowers in my backyard into the picture!

Just the sweater


It’s a little short because (a) I have only a few feet of yarn left (literally!) and (b) it’s bamboo yarn and everyone tells me that it will stretch like crazy after washing and wearing.  The lace is see-through so I need to wear a camisole underneath but that’s no big deal.

I really like it!  I love that I made up the pattern to fit my body. I took my measurements and knit to my specifications.  That’s so cool!  It’s soft and comfy and I think I’ll wear it a lot!

On a side note, we are STILL making bags!  My daughter is relentless!  My basement is trashed!  I can’t take it anymore!

Also, we went to Springfield, IL (our state capitol) this weekend.  I’ll post pictures of that trip soon…  For now I can bask in the glory of a finished project!


One Response to “The Pink Sweater Is Done!”

  1. Sonia August 10, 2011 at 9:08 PM #

    looks great!

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