1 Aug

My knitting marathon was interrupted by bag/purse making!

Gianna's Bag. Four inner pockets and two outer pockets. Aren't my flowers awesome?

Mia's Bag. Two outer pockets and a very long strap.

Faux button closure. Magnetic closure hidden underneath.

Here’s the long story behind the bags:

At the Weight Watcher’s meeting last Thursday, a woman brought some purses that she had made. Some of the other ladies had expressed interest in purchasing them I guess.  Mia said to me, “We could do that.  You used to make bags all the time!”  Which is true; I have made luggage bags and various other types in the past.  Well, once Mia gets a project, she is relentless!  We went shopping with JoAnn’s coupon in hand on Saturday and  purchased two yards of this quilted fabric.  (She wanted me to quilt some up from scratch but I said, “Get real… you want to make these today, don’t you?”)  We bought a Simplicity pattern (#2551) because they were $1.99 and off we went.  It took all day Saturday to make her bag (the bottom one)!  Oh my!  I think we picked the hardest one to do first.  Both of our sewing skills are rusty plus we modified the pattern a bit.  Four hours later we were finished and she was pumped.

She showed up on Sunday and I made Gianna’s bag while she made a black/white/red one in the same pattern.  I stayed a step ahead of her so I could show her what worked and didn’t.  She had to leave early and I finished Gianna’s bag.  She will come over again today and finish hers.

I need to give her one of my many sewing machines to take home so she can sew into the wee morning hours in her own sweat shop!  But I also have the know-how and the cool gadgets.  And I don’t really want 2am phone calls about “How do we do this?”  🙂  I’m taking notes on the pattern instructions themselves on stitch length, what foot we used, etc.  Hopefully that will help her when she’s doing these on her own.

It’s funny… for a girl who had NOTHING in common with me during the high school years, she is turning into me as she gets older!  LOL


4 Responses to “Bags”

  1. craftyland August 1, 2011 at 9:47 AM #

    Love those bags. Can you post the pattern number?

    • ginaquilts August 1, 2011 at 11:14 AM #

      Simplicity #2551. We also bought #2201 since they were only $1.99

  2. Sonia August 1, 2011 at 3:22 PM #

    I really like the bags. I think pattern makers, whether it be quilts, bags, clothes, should run it through you first. You always get the bugs out and find the shortcuts that make the object so much better. The alpha beta-tester!

    Give Mia your old machine and you keep my ‘old’ machine. Perfect!

  3. MOM August 1, 2011 at 6:02 PM #

    Love them!! Now if only they had dividers in the inside, it would be perfect.
    Great job.

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