27 Jul

I took the lace out of the sleeves and shortened them a bit.  The knitters that helped me on (the best site for us self-taught knitters who have no one to ask these questions to) said they would go shorter than that on the sleeves.  But my arms aren’t so skinny and I get paranoid about too short of sleeves.

I obviously took out all the lace PLUS a lot of the stockinette stitch on the body too.  One woman (I respect her opinion and love her self-made patterns) suggested that I start the lace at the natural waistline.  I didn’t think I wanted to do that because then I’d have holes where my midriff is and I don’t want to anyone at work seeing skin there (right?).  But after sleeping on it and looking at a ton of patterns with lace on the bottom half of the sweater, I’m warming up to that idea.  I can wear a cami and the skin won’t show.  I could just stockinette the whole way down and be done with it, but I have a lot of those plain jane sweaters.  Branch out a bit, Gina.

This time, however, I’m going to put in a “lifeline” to rip back to!  Fourth time around and I finally learn…

Oh… and I have no idea why DJ’s vitamins are in the picture.  I didn’t even see them there until I started this post.


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