Experimental Sweater Isn’t Going Too Well

26 Jul

I’ve ripped out the edging twice and started over. I’m afraid I may have to rip out again.   Before I do that I’m going to ask for help from knitters on Ravelry.com.  Here’s a picture:

See the way the bottom treatment looks?  Will that block flat?  Will the bamboo in the yarn stretch it out after washing and wearing?  Bamboo is naturally stretchy and that happens I guess. If I stay with this lace pattern at the bottom, will dropping to a smaller needle size help?  Is there a “better” lace pattern that I can use?

Those are the questions I have right now.  I don’t mind ripping out again.  It’s all about the process.  So what if it takes another week to finish?  If it looks good and I’ll wear it, then it’s better than having something I won’t wear at all, right?  🙂


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