Finished Sweater

12 Jul

I finished my sweater and I’m not all that pleased with it.

What don’t I like?

  1. The pattern designer didn’t allow for any short rows on the back of the neck and as a result it doesn’t sit on your neck but the back sits at the top of your back in a scoop.  Maybe that was the intention or design, but it’s not “normal” for a sweater to sit like that.
  2. The pattern called for cap sleeves but I extended them into short sleeves.
  3. There are no buttons down the front.  You are supposed to wear it open.  It is suggested that you put one button or clasp at the very top and let the rest hang open.

It isn’t blocked in the picture and may turn out better once it’s washed and blocked into shape.


The poison ivy continues to break out all over my body despite the shot I received.  I’ve tried a variety of home remedies (bleach, ammonia, alcohol, scalding water) to stop the itching and spread.  I’m living on Benedryl and crabby as heck because I haven’t got any good sleep in a week.


One Response to “Finished Sweater”

  1. Sonia July 12, 2011 at 6:02 PM #

    Bummer about the poison ivy 😦

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