More Knitting Projects

8 Jul

Here is the knitted shawl I finished last week.

The pattern is called Vernal Equinox by Wendy Knits in a silk/wool blend of yarn.  It turned out okay.  Not great…  But no mistakes and I learned a lot about “reading” my knitting as I went along.  I posted earlier that I am donating this to my mother-in-law’s church’s auction in the fall.

The new summer sweater is made of a cotton blend.  It’s also a super-soft yarn.

This pattern is called Sedona by c2knits.  It’s knitting up very quickly – I think I’m about 1/2 done already.  I went out to the college yesterday to pick up some books and it was FREEZING out there!  So I’m glad I’ll have some quick light cardigans to throw on during air conditioning weather.  🙂

I have yarn for the next two projects already!  I might be a tad addicted…

On the poison ivy front, I did end up breaking out. Face, neck, arms, legs, abdomen – nothing was spared.  I got a shot today because there isn’t enough Caladryl in the world to dry up all the spots.  My abdomen is the only spot that really itches right now.  I need to go out and buy a MooMoo without a waistband to keep the irritation to a minimum.


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