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Thursday’s Tidbits

30 Jun

Tidbits for this Thursday, the last day of June.

  1. June just whipped through here!  As I get older, the time goes by so super fast!  Especially the summer months when I have off work!  🙂
  2. We had our last softball game on Tuesday night.  Gianna played her best game ever.  I was glad because we had a whole entourage there watching her and I thought that might make her nervous.  It didn’t and she played her heart out.  It’s nice to have a big family that shows up for your games!
  3. Tonight is the end-of-softball-season pool party.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and soda will be served but the girls will only care about the pool and having fun I’m sure.
  4. July 1 means I have to start working from home on some new classes and new material for the fall and spring semesters.
  5. July 1 means I need to start knitting a new sweater.  I just made that deadline up.  I like it.
  6. I continue to lose weight with Weight Watchers.  And that continues to amaze me.  I’m waiting for a plateau but so far I haven’t hit it.  I need another 2.4 pounds to be in the normal weight category instead of the overweight category.  I sometimes get bummed because I can’t really “see” the weight loss. I mean I see it, but I think I’ve lost A LOT of weight but I only look like I’ve lost A LITTLE weight.  Does that make sense?  But then I remember that my self-esteem is not wrapped up in how I look.  I’m the same person in a fat body as I am in a thinner body.  The point of going on Weight Watchers was to get healthier by eating healthier and exercising.  I’m doing both so that’s a good thing.  (My daughter continues to lose weight too!)
  7. My shawl is knitting up quickly although I don’t have any new pictures of it.  Since I want to start a new sweater tomorrow, this project should be finished before doing so.  I can only work on one project at a time.  Hmmm…. Not going to be finished with the pool party and stuff going on.
  8. Oh and I forgot!  No signs of poison ivy so far!