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I Hate When I Do Stupid Stuff

27 Jun

So… The kids were swimming and I was walking around the pool weeding out flower beds.  We’ve had this weed growing under the picture window for a while and it’s really been bugging because it’s growing up the wall.  I go to pull it up and I see that it’s clinging to the brick.  I think, “Hmmm…. this is real ivy… do you think it might be poison ivy?”  But, of course, I keep weeding it out and then take it across the yard – letting it brush against my bare leg and arm – as I bring it to the burn pile.  After I think about it and ponder that it MIGHT JUST BE poison ivy, I then decide to dip my legs and arms into the pool.  Chlorine should kill it right?  Just in case?

I came inside and googled pictures of poison ivy and YEP – looks just like what I pulled up.  Crap on a cracker!  At that point I should have changed into my swimming suit and swam for a while to dip my whole body for a long time in the chlorinated water.  But I went upstairs and showered instead.  After showering, I came downstairs and did the SECOND dumb thing in an hour.  I looked up what to do in case you’re exposed to poison ivy.  It said, “Don’t shower with soap.”  Probably should have looked that up PRIOR to showering huh?

Even though the rash won’t appear for 1-8 days, I’m already itching.  Isn’t that the way it always goes?  It’s like when someone mentions lice and you immediately scratch your head.

Did I wash under my nails well enough?

I’m not even sure if I’m allergic but the kids are VERY allergic.  They had a heck of an outbreak a few years ago.

On the not so stupid things I’ve done lately… I started a new knitting project.  Surprised are you?  It’s another shawl.  The last one was a shawlette so this one is bigger.

I’m using Knit Picks Gloss yarn which is merino wool and silk combined.  I’m addicted to this yarn!  It’s so soft and great to work with.  I want to make a sweater out of it but it would be a pretty expensive sweater.

Will I wear this shawl?  Where will I wear this shawl?  Do I go to occasions that require shawls?  Who knows.  But they are very challenging and keep my brain working overtime.  I’m learning a lot from knitting these more complex patterns.  For example, I read an article that said the opposite of K2tog wasn’t SSK but was instead K2tbl (Knit two through the back loops).  I tried it with this shawl and it looks good.  K2tbl is a little less awkward than SSK I think.  As long as your tension isn’t too tight.

I’ll keep you posted on the possible poison ivy.