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A Better Picture

21 Jun

Okay – so that last picture of my sweater looked like it had a huge body and pencil thin arms.  So I tried it on and retook the picture.

See?  If fits perfectly!  So either I have a really big body with pencil thin arms or the last picture was distorted.  🙂

Excuse me… the fashion police are knocking at my door.  They can’t believe I posted this lovely wardrobe combination of me on the Internet…


Not Much Happening

21 Jun

Holy Cow!  Was it really June 12th when I last posted?  I’ve been a big time slacker in blogging!

Nothing too exciting has been happening though.

I’m cleaning a lot!  My house needs a major overhaul so I’m taking one room at a time and getting rid of lots of stuff.

Weight Watchers continues to go well.  I’m down an average of 2 pounds per week – some weeks more; some less.  I find it not too difficult to stay on most days.  Some days are hard.  It will be harder once I return to work though.

My garden is doing the best that it has done in years!  All plants are thriving without disease.  I wish it was bigger!

The red sweater is progressing – but not nearly as fast as I want it to.

The sleeves are three-quarters and the remainder of this sleeve is in plain ole stockinette stitch so that should be completed today.  I hope to have the other sleeve done by the weekend.  It’s not a race but I’m antsy to get it done.  It’s a lightweight “summer” sweater but I don’t work in the summer so it will end up being a nice early fall semester sweater for me.  I will still have a TON of the red yarn left.  What was I thinking by ordering so much?  🙂

I like Chic Knit’s instructions.  I ordered another pattern and some yarn to do a basic hoodie next.  Not next as in the next project.  That’s
already spoken for.  But next as  the next sweater that I tackle.

Finally, tomorrow is my oldest daughter’s birthday.  Her GOLDEN birthday in fact.  Go Mia!

Happy Birthday Mia!