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12 Jun

I’m totally addicted to a couple of games on my iPad!  I’m not a game player usually, but these are so much fun!  It’s cutting into my knitting big time.

We went down to Peoria, IL for the Chiefs game on Friday.  The Peoria Chiefs are a Class A baseball team for the Cubs.  The games are laid back and fun.  They have funny contests between innings and it’s relaxing to go.  The score is usually high with a lot of hits.  We went to the museum that we belong to and spent an hour there.  We also went to Olive Garden before the game.  Thank goodness we don’t have an Olive Garden locally.  I’d weight 300 pounds.  How I love their pasta!  🙂

Anyway, I chose to take my Correspondent’s Scarf with me because it’s an easy pattern to knit and unknit when mistakes are made.  I knitted about 2″ bringing my total length to about 17″.

I woke up earlier than the rest of the gang so I took my knitting down to the lobby and drank my coffee and knitted a few dozen rows.  This week is “National Knit in Public Week” so I did my part.  (Yes, it actually is… I didn’t make that up.  I read it somewhere – probably

I continue to plug away at the red sweater but the game addiction is getting in the way of seriously adding inches to it.

I was thinking about transferring the stitches to a piece of waste yarn so I can try it on today.  It’s a little late now to rip it out if it doesn’t fit.  It will fit SOMEONE, right?  Plus with lace it will stretch so much that I’m not sure I can get a good reading on the fit at all.

Also, I’m supposed to stop knitting the lace at some point and start plain stockinette stitch.  But I like the lace look so much that I think I will just continue it.

Today will consist of more basement cleaning and yard work.  It’s going to be a gorgeous week ahead with temperatures only topping in the high 70s.