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Another Great Day

26 May

It’s shaping up to be another great day! The weather is crappy but everything else is going my way! 🙂

1.  My son, Cory, is home from Afghanistan!  He is on his way here now.  He gets to stay through Monday.  He only has 40-50 days of Army life left and then he’s done!

2.  My Mother’s Day gift came in today…

It’s charging now so I am very anxiously waiting to try it!

3.  I lost weight again at the Weight Watchers meeting this morning.  BOTH my daughter and I reached our first goal (5 pounds) so we get to go get pedicures on Saturday!  We made a deal that for each 5 pounds we lose, we’re going to reward ourselves.  But we both have to meet the goal before the reward happens.  Next 5 pound loss = shopping trip.  🙂

4.  I started a new decorative scarf.  It’s a fast knit so far.

It’s called “Foreign Correspondent’s Scarf”.  The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss – 70% merino and 30% silk.  It is so soft!  I absolutely love working with it!

5.  Clue #3 comes out today on the Mystery Shawl around 4:30pm (ish… I hope she’s early with the post).  I know I said I can’t work on two projects at once but I had to start the above scarf yesterday.  The pattern is so easy that I should be able to pick it back up again after Clue #3 is completed.

Life is good!