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Clue #2 Finished

24 May

Very interesting knitting!  Clue #1 was 12 rows; and clue #2 was 12 rows.  Both were very complicated patterns but I think I got them right.  This kind of reminds me of the doilies my mom used to crochet.  A shawl is kind of a half doily come to think of it.  (Now that’s a word you don’t spell every day – doily.  I had to have spell check help me on that one!)

Which brings me to the question:  How does one wear a shawl (or shawlette in this case)?  I’ve seen them worn backwards and crisscrossed across the front like a bandanna.   Is it appropriate for summer wearing?  I wouldn’t think so…

The next clue has 72 rows so it must be a long boring section that makes up the majority of  the shawl.  This Wendy Knits is a smart cookie.  She’s been cranking out shawl patterns like crazy the last couple of months.  I’ve been following her website and they look beautiful but complicated. So when she offered this free mystery shawl, I thought, “Why not try it?  What have I got to lose?”  That’s where she’s a smart cookie.  Now she has over 1000 of us hooked on her technique of bottom up shawls.  We will go out and purchase one of her other patterns because it’s so addicting.  Plus it’s easier than it looks.  I know I’m going to purchase one now that I know that I can do it.

Today’s agenda:  Flower planting…. (the next clue doesn’t come out for two days so I won’t be wasting this good weather knitting inside.)

But first a massage from my lovely daughter.