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Summer Is Here

23 May

Summer is officially here at the Elias house because we spent the weekend opening the hot tub and pool!  I had Dan take pictures because some of you were wondering if *I* ever do any work or if I just have Dan and the kids do everything while I sit around and take pictures (and knit).

Gianna and I are power washing the pool cover. Look how dirty that water is!

The water chemicals are good.  We haven’t turned on the heater yet but will for the weekend.  The hot tub is heating as I write this and will be ready tomorrow probably.

Hawk wasn’t much of a help but he did enjoy all the time outside.

DJ couldn’t resist threatening his dad with the power washer.  🙂

On to the knitting projects…

I finished and blocked my Strangling Vine Scarf.  It turned out to be 7″ x 75″.  I love it!

I wasn’t sure how the Cascades Heritage sock yarn would block up since it’s superwash wool.  But it blocked beautifully!  It was a boring project but I really like how it turned out.

I started a new knitting project (surprise, surprise)!  It’s a triangular shawl knit from the bottom up.  It’s a free mystery shawl pattern from Wendy Knits.  “Mystery” means that I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.  She releases a “clue” which is the next knitting step every few days.  I was behind on the start because I was working on the scarf above and I’ve already stated here that I can only work on one knitting project at a time.  But I only missed the setup and the first clue.  Both were simple to do in one night’s worth of knitting.

I kind of blocked it out with a few pins so you can see the lace pattern.  Next picture will be on a dark background so you can see it better.  I chose a Knit Picks sock yarn in a light gray called “Dove Heather”.  It’s very pretty.

I went into work for 1.5 hours this morning but then decided it was time to come home and walk the dog.  I have my priorities after all…  Today will consist of weeding the flower beds and doing a bit of sewing downstairs.  We have another softball game tonight but it may get rained out.