21 May

I go from hardly doing anything all winter to a busy spring!  My body aches and I’m just beat.

Yesterday I was “Field Trip Mom” for my daughter’s class trip.  They went to the Wildlife Prairie Park about an hour away.  I drove separately because school buses with no air conditioning and screaming 10 year olds make me car sick!  🙂  We left at 8:30am and returned at 3:00pm.  We had three solid hours of hiking.  I only had four girls in my group.  All were well behaved and had fun.  *You can have BOTH, you know… *

After coming home from driving and hiking, we rested for a couple hours then went to a softball game.  Gianna caught and played first base.  She walked and struck out.  She scored once.  We were beat 11-6.  I think that was the score.  I’m finding out that the umpires in the these neighboring towns all have different rules.  Our main coach was given a rule book, but I’m not sure if he’s read it.  I’m going to ask to borrow it and see what’s actually in it and what’s being made up as we play!

Today it was a shopping trip to get some plants and then groceries.  We came home and cut the grass and planted the vegetable garden.

DJ and I split pushing the grass and riding the lawn mower.  He was beat afterwards too.

When I was riding the lawn mower, Hawk would run along side me like I had a leash on him.  It was so cute!  He’s got to be the greatest dog!


One Response to “Exhausted”

  1. Sonia May 21, 2011 at 9:19 PM #

    I can taste the tomatoes already 🙂

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