All Positive

19 May

Man, it’s been a great day!


DJ received a plaque today at a breakfast celebration.  He won his school’s Young Author’s Award for his fiction story.  This is the third year in a row!  Great job for a science/math geek!  He can write too – who knew?  🙂


Cory has all his paperwork in order and should be home on MONDAY!  MONDAY!!!!!  It’s almost here…

Weight Watchers

I lost weight for my first week.  Yippee huh?  My daughter lost weight too (my mom did too but she’s a lifer so she’s used to good news at the WW meetings).  I thought I’d go hog wild with eating today but I was really pumped about losing and stayed on it today.  Plus I took Hawk on a 40 minute walk this afternoon since the weather was so wonderful outside.


I have a lab assistant who only needs one class to graduate with his certificate.  He’s an older student with a family.  He had a very troubled youth, dropped out of high school then went back to get his GED.  His computer skills are GREAT but his English and math are so poor that he can’t get through the general education requirements. With a certificate, he doesn’t need the “gen eds”.  His last class is an internship this summer.  Financial aid won’t cover the cost of the class because of “rules” they have. So I called our school scholarship office and pled his case.  I asked if they had any way to help him.  Earlier today, the scholarship office called me and said they found someone who will pay his tuition!  I’m so happy!  Now, keep in mind that I’ve sewed and donated many quilts to help raise money for this scholarship office in past years.  But I never mentioned that… 🙂  I love it when people do the right thing!


One Response to “All Positive”

  1. Sonia May 20, 2011 at 9:31 PM #

    That is good news all the way around! Keep up the good work.

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