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18 May

Nope – this is not a post about Arnold Swarzenegger.  🙂  It’s a post about knitting!

I’m a monogamous knitter.  Even though I can work on a gazillion quilting projects at one time, I can’t seem to do the same with knitting.  I have to stick to one project and finish it before I can begin another.  That’s so unlike my ADD, multitasking self!   I’ve tried… I’ve set up guidelines like, “I’ll work on the sock project in the mornings and the sweater project at night.”  But it never works out.

Hence the reason my knitting posts are so dang boring!

Above is the case in point.  I’ve been working on this scarf… forever… I think.  I have good progress.  But I want to start something else for Pete’s sake!  PLUS Wendy Johnson is starting a mystery shawl project on her website and I really want to  join in!  I must get this stinkin’ scarf finished!  NOW!

In other news…

I sewed yesterday.  I have hunger binges from 2-4pm each day.  So those are the times I need to be away from the kitchen. Right smack dab in the middle of that is when the kids come home from school so it’s not like I can take off and not be home during that time.  So I went down the basement and sewed yesterday.  I made a t-shirt.  A pink one.  I need to hem the bottom and sleeves today and then I’ll post pictures.  I bought different knit this time from Denver Fabrics.  It was thinner and silkier and much harder to sew with.

Gianna had her first softball game yesterday.  We won… She caught most of the game then played third base.  She did very well for her first time catching.  Her BFF pitched.  Gianna is the only one who can catch her BFF because she throws so hard!  Gianna got a hit and walked twice.  She was thrown out once at the plate; scored; and was left stranded.   I’m glad I’m only assistant coaching this year because I don’t know all the rules of the new league.  I kept “the book” because the other guys CLAIM they don’t know how to do it.  Really?  There are samples in the inside cover.  We were taught how do to it when we were young (Thanks Dad).  It keeps me occupied so my nerves don’t get the best of me.  🙂  If I were the head coach, I would be studying that book today reliving every play.  This is why I don’t sleep!  I do enjoy Gianna’s playing and she claims to love it.

Even though work is done, I have to make up NEXT spring semester’s schedule today.  Also on the agenda is to clean my pig sty car.