Playing Outside

7 May

FINALLY, a nice day!  Jiminy Crickets – it’s been cold and raining for the entire spring here it seems.  We enjoyed the afternoon time together.

Hawk is practicing his hula hoop jumping skills

Sadie had to get in on the action. She can't jump as high though.

My BIL loves to play catch with Hawk. He needs a "Hawk" of his own.

My sister is coming over to show off her archery skills.

Gianna takes her shot...

DJ shoots the bow...

We were aiming at this pizza box and hit it most/some of the time.

But my sister wants you to see the hot shot archerer that she is!

The box flipped on its side before my sister shot.  She wanted us to fix it but I said, “Just aim for the THANK YOU!  What’s the problem?”  And she hit it!  🙂


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