Heading Into Finals Week

7 May

We begin finals week on Monday.  I have two exams yet to make up but those aren’t given until Thursday and Friday so I’m pretty set to go. I have some prep for the two hands on finals that I have to do first thing in the morning on Monday.  If I have time to go in today or Sunday, I’ll prep then.

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day so I got quite a bit of knitting on my scarf done.  I’m up to about 18″ – enough to lay on my thigh lengthwise to see the stitches.

It’s a very easy pattern but I continue to mess it up now and then just to keep things interesting I guess.  Sheesh… But the good news is that each row is only 42 stitches so I don’t have to do too much backtracking to find my mistake.  The last scarf/shawl had 105 stitch rows so unknitting those rows was a PITA.

Lots of shopping is on the schedule today.  No softball since the coach’s daughter has a traveling team game today (and every weekend pretty much).  Gianna sure misses spending her weekends with her BFF that’s for sure.

DJ had video game night here last night.  Four boys showed up which is a good number for playing most games I’m told.  The boys are well behaved, only stay for about 2 hours, and rotate whose house the game night will be at each time.  You can’t ask for more than that from a bunch of 12 year olds I say!


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