New Yarn and A New Project

5 May

I scrapped the scarf that I started three times.  I unstashed a medium blue Cascade Heritage Sock yarn and started to knit “Strangling Vine Scarf”.   As with all the lace patterns I’ve tried so far, I tink as much as I knit.  Even though it’s an easy pattern, I end up with 46 stitches instead of 42 on any given row.  WHAT?  I pinned it on my famous pink and orange beach towel to see how it will look blocked out.

I checked on Ravelry and all the scarves look all grody when knitted but when blocked look wonderful.  I still like that pattern on that last large scarf/shawl.  It’s hard to find another pattern that I like that well.  PLUS that yarn had a sheen to it that really felt great and reflected the light really well.

So it’s been three days since I started this scarf and I have about 3″ completed.  For an 80″ scarf…  I’ll be finished in three months!  🙂  Or maybe my days will get less hectic and I’ll be able to knit more than 15 minutes on some days coming up.  I brought this scarf in my purse to my conference today and didn’t get a single minute to myself to knit – not even at lunch.  I had to socialize with PEOPLE.  The horror of it all…


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