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Third Time’s A Charm

2 May

Why is it that whenever I start a new project, I have to start over… and over a third time?  Last night I started a new scarf called “Old Shale Scarf“.  I began with this yarn:

Knit Picks Chroma Fingering Weight Yarn in color "Fossil"

and it just wasn’t doin’ it for me.  The yarn is all hairy like a mohair and only a single ply so it hardly has any twists.  Therefore, it’s kind of “splitty” when you’re putting your pointy needles through the stitches – especially in the “knit two together” stitches. PITA! In fact, this is the second project that I started with this yarn and I have to say, I just don’t like it.  It’s soft but YUCK.  Plus my needle size was just too large.  The pattern calls for size 6 and I was using a smaller size 5 but the stitches were still too loose.

So I ripped that out and grabbed some dark blue yarn.  I kept the size 5 needles but added a garter border and started again.  About 8 rows into it, I decided I should have dropped to the #4 needles.  Plus I lost a stitch somewhere and couldn’t figure out what was what.

So I ripped it out and began the third attempt.  Here’s what I have so far.

Gotta love that peach and pink beach towel I photographed it on.  (BTW:  White background is too harsh and reflective.  I needed to pin it in place to see the lace parts so I couldn’t use the table.  What else are my options? Daisy beach towel it is!)

Is it a keeper?  No – I’m sorry to say it’s not.  The dark yarn is not showing the stitch definition.  It’s a really pretty pattern that’s wasted on this yarn.  I should know that to show off a pretty stitch pattern you need:

(a)  Solid yarn – which this is; and

(b)  Medium or light yarn to reflect the light.

A little shine would really go a long ways too.  (Is it ways or just way???)

The beauty of knitting is that I can rip this out and save the yarn for something else.  Unlike the mistakes in quilting where the pieces are already cut and it’s hard to reuse those mistakes.

Am I stuck on using this pattern?  Nah – maybe not.  I downloaded a couple that looked good.  This one is actually time consuming and I have to concentrate on Rows 3 and 4.  Which makes just Rows 1 and 2 no brainers.  Plus tinking on this pattern is pretty nasty.

We’ll see… maybe a different project will be posted tomorrow.

On another subject, prayers for my son are appreciated.  He’s still serving his second tour in Afghanistan and is scheduled to come home any day now.  I fear for retaliation and our soldiers’ safety.  I’ve been spacey and sick to my stomach all day today.  His feet on American soil would be very nice and go a long way for my sleeping and mental health.  So if it’s not too selfish to ask:  US Army, please send him home asap.  Thank you,  Cory’s Mom