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A Weekend of Music

1 May

Saturday was DJ’s Band-o-Rama contest.  It’s his first one.  Band-o-Rama is weird to explain.  All the area schools participate but they don’t compete against each other – at least not at the 6th grade level.  They go into a private classroom with a judge and play their song and then get a first, second, or third place from it.  That’s it.  Everyone gets one of those places – plus some valuable feedback on what they do right and wrong.

DJ plays the trumpet.   He did not compete in a solo.  He performed a trio of STAR WARS.  🙂  Three geeks playing Star Wars – go figure, huh?  DJ played the lead and the two others played the harmony.  Not many parents came and I didn’t bring my camera.  But I really enjoyed it.  Gianna might want to play the clarinet next year so we also sat in on someone playing the clarinet to see how it sounded.

Here is DJ practicing in our living room.

The trio placed second.  DJ nailed his part!  I think they get very little instruction in band class so he’s basically self taught.  The band teacher didn’t get time until the day before Band-o-Rama to critique the piece.  DJ had to come home to practice two parts of the song that he wasn’t playing correctly.  So with 12 hours lead time, he had to relearn parts of the song!  I would have been a mess of nerves.  But he took it in stride and all was fine in the end… Amazing…

Gianna had a piano recital today.  She played “Red River Valley” and “Hokey Pokey”.  She received the “Outstanding Music Student” award for the fourth time in a row.

She played both pieces so well!  I swear I’m more nervous at these events than either child is!  I have no idea where they get this musical talent.  But they both practice hard and seem to really enjoy it.  I say, “Keep it goin’ baby!”

We also gave the piano teacher the scarf/shawl.  It was not the reason Gianna got the award though 🙂 because the awards were printed out BEFORE we even got there with the present.  She  loved it.  I’m going to make a different skinnier decorative scarf next I think.  We’ll see….


Knitting and Tinking

1 May

It’s been a long time since my last post.  That’s mostly because things are so hectic and at the same time boring.  🙂  Nothing exceptional to write about and too busy to take any pictures or come up with something interesting.

We’re on the home stretch at school.  There is only one week of school left; then one week of exams.  Hip-Hip-Hooray!

I finished the shawl / large scarf thing that I was working on.  I think I did more tinking than knitting on this one but it was well worth it.  (NON-KNITTERS:  Tink is knit spelled backwards.  Tinking is picking out your mistakes.)

Here are lots of pictures of it blocking on an orange-pink beach towel.

Even better than how it looks is how it feels.  It feels like silk or cashmere.  It’s got about 50% bamboo mixed with 50% wool and is soooooo soooooft.

Now what to do with it?  I don’t ever envision me wearing it anywhere.  I was thinking about giving it to our piano teacher.  I think she looks like the classy kind of lady who wears shawls.  🙂