Spring Break – Day 1

21 Mar

I’m on break this week but the kids are not.  Dan isn’t off either.  So I’ve got a to-do list that would kill a normal human. Lucky for me, I’m superwoman!  Today, I:

  1. Walked Hawk for a mile.
  2. Ripped out a sock that I had started on Saturday.  The yarn was slippery even though I really like the shine.  The cast on was for 66 stitches.  Normally, I can get by with 64 stitches if there’s some ribbing.  But this was pure lace and just seemed like it was too stretchy and therefore too big.  Nothing worse than big socks!
  3. Started these socks. I’m using a darker blue yarn (surprise, surprise) so the pattern isn’t really noticeable.  But it’s going well.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow once a partial foot is completed.
  4. I finished   painting the bathroom.  The floor people will be here on Friday to replace the subflooring and linoleum.  Then we can put the “stuff” back in the bathroom and I will no longer have a toilet in my family room.
  5. I got a massage.  🙂
  6. I had my piano lesson today instead of Thursday.
  7. I cleaned out the coat closet.  I gave away a gazillion coats to Goodwill and my piano teacher’s church.  I organized the hats, scarves, and other knitted items.  EVERYTHING got washed that could get washed, whether we were giving it away or keeping it.  I threw away a bunch of stuff.
  8. I bought three sample jars of paint to test for Gianna’s room.  I taped off and painted a small section in two different colors.  We decided on what is wanted.  I’ll pick up the paint tonight and continue taping off her woodwork.  Painting commences in that room tomorrow!

Whew… I’m even exhausted as I’m typing!  I need to kick back and relax for a while.


One Response to “Spring Break – Day 1”

  1. Sonia March 21, 2011 at 4:59 PM #

    Whew, doggies! That was a full day for spring “break”.

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