Spring Has Sprung! and other disjointed thoughts

17 Mar

Ah… spring is here in Illinois.  At least for a day or two!  Both dogs have been exhausted with the amount of walking and ball playing that we did yesterday.  Or so you’d think… but Hawk never seems to tire.  Sadie is 9 (54 in dog years according to the Dog Calculator).  She was beat after a 1.5 mile walk yesterday.


  • I gave blood this morning at the school’s blood drive.  I haven’t given since October.  Time is flying by and I never seem to schedule a donation.  With all the water I’ve been drinking it took a little over 6 minutes for the blood to fill the container!  A new record for me I think.  (Do you ever get the idea that I’m a bit competitive?  Even with myself?)
  • My sister has a really good blog post about the Japanese Nuclear Plant Crisis.  She and her husband have recently retired from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Check out her post.  The biggest thing that I get from talking to her is that you can’t always believe the media and their attempt to sensationalize this crisis.  Yes, it is a crisis.  But the “experts” that they interview may not really be experts at all.  Because you know theory, doesn’t mean that you know what happens inside a nuclear power plant.  I think we should let the experts do their job and stop feeding the media frenzy for this gossip that they happen to be passing off as news.
  • Not much knitting going on with this nice weather!  I have about 5 rows to go on a decrease of another hat.  My timing is impeccable – making winter hats in March… 🙂
  • Saturday is National Quilt Day.  Judy L at Patchwork Times blog is doing a cute quilt-along that you might want to check out. I am planning on clearing off my longarm table and POSSIBLY doing some quilting.  I thought about doing some piecing, but why?  I have a bunch of tops to quilt up and should  start up on them.  I need to oil up my Gammill machine and hope that it works!
  • On a final note… Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m not Irish, I’m not Catholic and don’t believe in the idea of saints, and I don’t drink.  So it’s not much of a holiday for me!  But it sure is for a lot of other people.  I dropped my kids off at school and a lot of students were dressed up in almost costume-like attire – big hats, thigh high shamrock socks!  What the heck?  When did this become a major holiday?  I read on the Internet that St. Patrick’s Day is the second busiest holiday for bars and restaurants (second to New Year’s Eve).  Hmmmm… interesting… I will partake in some corned beef and cabbage though – but not until Sunday since it takes all day to cook.



One Response to “Spring Has Sprung! and other disjointed thoughts”

  1. DAD March 17, 2011 at 4:04 PM #

    Since my Grandmother came here FROM Irland & my Grandfather came here FROM Germany. That makes me 1/4 Irish, 1/4 German, 1/4 Norweigian(Grandpa Peterson) & 1/4 English (Grandma Peterson(Dean), & since your Mother is exactly the same you would be 1/4 Irish…DAD

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