Sock Stash

15 Mar

I got my combined orders of sock yarn this week.  I have enough to last a very, very long time.

I wear a lot of blues and browns, can you tell?  The beauty of the stash is that even though two skeins makes one pair of socks, I still have leftovers.  With these color combinations, I can make some striped or fair isle socks… use up the leftover skeins!

The four skeins of medium brown at the top has a mix of bamboo and wool and nylon in it.  It has a beautiful sheen to it.  I’ll do a fancy, smancy lace pattern for that one.  🙂  It was purchased from and came in a four pack – that’s why there is more of that.

No knitting today.  My back/shoulder/neck area felt tight so I stretched a lot and put some “icy hot” type lotion on it.  I’m taking it easy because it’s not a race after all.  Does it matter if a pair of socks takes 2-3 weeks instead of 2-3 days to finish?  I think not…

On another subject, one of my students turned me onto Microsoft DreamSpark’s website.  We signed up and downloaded the Microsoft Small Basic software.  DJ (12yo) has already done some programming with Alice, Scratch, and Java.  So he caught on right away.  Gianna (9yo) hasn’t done any programming but she is progressing through it.  DJ wants to download the Window Phone programming environment but I want him to start slowly.  They also have an XBox programming platform that he’s anxious to try.  But small steps first… so he doesn’t get discouraged.  They each spent about 20 minutes tonight on the software.  If I can get 20 minutes each night, I think it will be a success.

The only problem I have is that DJ has a MacBook and is running Linux on the downstairs computer that they use.  Microsoft isn’t about to make software for either one of those operating systems so I downloaded it to my laptop.  Now I’m out a computer while they are learning!  What will I do?  I’m lost…



One Response to “Sock Stash”

  1. Sonia March 15, 2011 at 8:27 PM #

    For some reason that looks like enough yarn for 40 pairs of socks!

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