11 Mar

I only have time for a quick post tonight… Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of my sock yarn stash that came in this week.  But today’s post is about my LMT.

Okay… so my oldest daughter is my personal LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist).  🙂  I would never have gone to a massage therapist if Mia wasn’t one.  But now that I’ve been going, I’m so hooked!  I’d rather spend my money there instead of a mani/pedi or even instead of shopping!

My shoulder has still been bothering me and I haven’t knit more than 10 minutes all week!  Today I went to see Mia and she worked for 30 minutes on my shoulder.  And actually, she worked on my rotor cuff muscle on my upper back.  With Advil, ice, and Mia’s touch, my back and shoulder feel so much better today!

I’m going to keep it up and still take it easy on the knitting all weekend.  I’m sure that I’m on the mend now!


One Response to “My LMT”

  1. Sonia March 12, 2011 at 6:24 PM #

    Time to hit the quilting! No injuries in that 🙂

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