Tuesday Tidbits

8 Mar

I’m at work and need to get grading, but it’s time to post some random thoughts…

  1. I took off work yesterday because the kids had off and I didn’t.  The school gives me 10 personal days a year; so I thought I’d use one.
  2. I bought yarn and a sock book on Amazon.  That’s what happens when I’m surfing with more time than is good for me!  I bought the book “Toe Up Socks for Everybody” by Wendy Johnson.
  3. I was going to buy “Knit. Sock. Love” by Cookie A but I didn’t because it was twice the price of the Wendy Johnson book AND  I have knitted some of Wendy’s freebie sock patterns on the internet and liked them so it’s only right that I buy a book from her.
  4. Yes, you heard me right… I also bought sock yarn on Amazon.  The price was good.  🙂  And I get two day delivery free.  🙂
  5. AND I bought sock yarn on Knit Picks.  I don’t get two day delivery.  But I did buy enough to get free delivery.  It takes about 2 weeks to get to my house though.
  6. But, Gina… I thought you weren’t knitting because your shoulder/arm/wrist hurt from too much knitting.  Yeah… about that…I didn’t take the whole week off.  But I did take two days off and I’m only knitting for 10 minutes at a time.  I stretch between knitting bouts and I’m trying to relax my grip on the needles.  It really doesn’t hurt and the tingling has gone away completely in my fingers.  If it even remotely comes back, I’ll stop entirely.
  7. Besides, yarn doesn’t go bad.   It’ll be good next year and the year after and the year after…
  8. On a totally different subject, the softball draft is tomorrow night.  I am ASSISTANT coach for my daughter’s 9-10 year old team this year.  I was coach last year and it’s too much pressure!  I can handle being the assistant coach and still sleep (I think).  The coach for the team is my daughter’s best friend’s dad.  He coaches for a living at the high school (he teaches too) and helps coach a traveling softball team so I think he might know what he’s doing. And he might know the rules of softball.  Which is already a step up from my knowledge…

That’s enough of my doldrum life for now.  Pictures of knitting will follow when the second sock is done or I get my refreshed stash in.


One Response to “Tuesday Tidbits”

  1. bsburgess March 8, 2011 at 11:18 AM #

    Don’t push it too hard. Are you doing any strength exercises for your shoulder?

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