I’m Falling Apart

3 Mar

Literally…  not figuratively.

  1. My carpel tunnel is about the same but the brace is bruising my palm and making my middle finger sore.
  2. My shoulder still hurts.  That’s definitely a knitting injury and I’ve decided to STOP KNITTING ALTOGETHER instead of just cutting back so that can heal.  Maybe for a week… then we’ll see.
  3. My right foot has plantar fasciitis and it’s being irritated more since I’m walking more with the nicer weather.  The left foot feels good though.
  4. I went to the dentist yesterday and OMG the pain!  My gums are still sore…
  5. I felt weirded out all night last night so I got out of bed and took my pulse and blood pressure.  Blood pressure was fine; heart rate was 98!  This was when I was supposed to be sleeping/relaxing/resting!

Sheesh…  I’m having a regular pity party today.  😦


One Response to “I’m Falling Apart”

  1. Gari March 3, 2011 at 8:50 PM #

    I do know how you feel, I have had those days/weeks, too. I did have to give up knitting due to arthritis and it has been difficult seeing all the knitting going on in quilting households. But be good to your body and you may be able to get back to your old self soon.

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