Too Much Knitting

25 Feb

Is it possible to knit too much?  Apparently it is.  I started getting a sore right shoulder last weekend so I naturally ignored it and kept right on knitting up a storm.  It’s been getting progressively worse as the week has worn on.  I’m a thrower and I move that shoulder and arm more than the left one.  My upper back is also tense and…

My right fingers are starting to buzz and tingle…


Bummer.  I’m blaming it on knitting for too long of without taking breaks and using those small size 1 needles that I’ve been using for socks.  I’m trying to relax my thumb and not over extend it or keep it stiff on my right hand which I do when I’m knitting for long periods of time.

I need to dig up an old arm splint that I borrowed from my mom years ago.  I hope it’s for the right arm and not the left.  I am going to get a massage today for my upper back and shoulder.  I think that will help.  I will wear that splint and see if that helps the carpel tunnel and can nip it in the bud.

But I won’t QUIT knitting all together yet.  I’ll just cut back… that’s the plan anyway…


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