22 Feb

Hawk cracks me up.

Yesterday we took him to PetSmart to be groomed.  He only needed a bath and his nails clipped.  We had to pick up his “proof of rabies vaccination” at the vet before going because I couldn’t find it in the paperwork Cory left behind.  Luckily we had him fixed and his shots given locally so I could just pick up a copy of those records.

So we go to PetSmart and the wimp is totally freaked out by the automatic sliding glass doors!  He freezes – won’t budge and tries to get out of his collar!  So I have the kids stand in the way of the doors so they stop moving and I’m able to coax him into the store.  The grooming place is 10 feet from the front entrance.  He freezes again – he won’t go off the carpet square!

Now let’s back up for a second… the store has cement floors.  Hawk is AFRAID to go to certain places in our house (parts of the kitchen and the basement) that have slippery floors!  I always thought it was because his nails were long and he slides; but I have no idea what freaks him out about these parts of the house.

So there we are – in PetSmart – feet away from the groomer – and I can’t get him to budge at all!  I asked for a treat from the cashier (they have biscuits they give for free to animals that come in).  I bribe him with a portion of the treat.  He walks off the mat to get it and then scrambles back on to the carpet mat!  It must look comical to the other shoppers!

Another shopper was checking out with a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, German Shepard.  She asked, “Is your dog friendly?”  I said, “Yes, very.”  So she came close with her dog and Hawk’s curiosity got the better of him and he left the carpet mat to sniff this new dog.

Now, Hawk is about 70-75 pounds.  (That’s why I didn’t just lift him off the mat and into the groomer’s area).  This German Shepard had to be part German Shepard and part horse!  He was at least 3″ taller at the withers and 6″ longer than Hawk!  Both dogs went muzzle to muzzle and sniffed each other without a bark or anything.  Amazing!

So the German Shepard left and I tried to steer Hawk away from the carpet and take the long way through an aisle to the groomer.  NO WAY!  Butthead saw the carpet as his eyes followed the other dog out the store and he made a beeline back to it.

So I coaxed him with the biscuit on the ground giving him little pieces every time he moved.  If it was a good snack instead of a dry biscuit, the process probably would have gone better.  But he finally figured out that the floor wasn’t going to hurt him and with the food and praise, he made it to the door of the grooming station!

Killer dog he is not.

I also purchased a DVD of dog tricks this weekend.  Gianna is teaching Sadie the tricks and I am teaching Hawk.  He’s got the “spin” trick down pat with just two sessions of training.  He always does it with food/treats in my hand and sometimes does it when I don’t have food.  I’ll keep working on it with him this week.  I’d like to see him jump through a hula hoop next.  🙂


One Response to “Hawk”

  1. bsburgess February 22, 2011 at 6:49 PM #

    That’s so funny! He’s such a gentle dog.

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