Cory Update

19 Feb

My son called last night from Afghanistan.  He’s been on communication lockdown. Something bad happened but, of course, he can’t tell me what it was – that’s against the rules.  I ask anyway, but he says, “You know I can’t say anything.”  He sounded down.  He always sounds down when he calls.

He’s getting mixed signals on when they might be sending him back to the states.  The staff sergeant says his replacement is on his way and he should be home by early April.  He’s hearing otherwise from other sources.

He continues to be sick.  He has a rash and digestive system problems.

His debit card company called and said his card was compromised.  They are sending him a new one which means that  they will send it here and I’ll need to send it to him in a care package.  Which means he won’t get it for over a month.  Which means he won’t have any money for over a month.  I assume he’ll get it before he leaves otherwise that’s another snafu to deal with.

On a positive note, he asked about how he can register for Fall classes at NIU.  I will look into that at my college.  The military counselor should have that information available.  I can hopefully point him to the NIU registration materials online and he can register that way I hope.  I’ll have to find out how that works.  So it’s good that he continues to look forward and is still gung ho about going to college upon his exit from the Army.

He volunteered for the service for 4 years.  It’s too long.  It will be 4 years in May and he’s ready for civilian life.


One Response to “Cory Update”

  1. Diana W February 19, 2011 at 1:15 PM #

    This hits close to home. One of my oldest and dearest friend’s son is leaving for Afghanistan in March. I assume he will be part of the replacements for your son’s troop. This will be his first time overseas. We are terrified for him but will be praying daily for his safe return. I think the parents, spouses and families of our soldiers do the time with our soldiers. Bless you and your son. I pray he returns safely to you and gets on with his life. Blessings and hugs!

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