A New Heel

18 Feb

This sock pattern had a different heel so I thought I’d try it.  I’m in search of the “best” heel for toe up socks, so I need to try as many as I can – or at least as many as I can figure out.

For the record, this heel was the knitting equivalent to rocket science.   I give knitters credit who come up with these techniques!  I couldn’t figure out why I was increasing; why she called it the gusset when it clearly wasn’t; etc.  Then it all came together finally.

It’s the opposite of the cuff down socks’ heel.  Now that I see the finished product, I finally understand.  Although I do think she had an error in the instructions.  Not an error – but an omission.  But I fudged it to what I thought it should be and it turned out.

Will I use this heel again?  For the second sock, yes.  After that, I’m not sure.  It depends on the fit.  I really like the narrowness of the Maia heel.  It has a snug feel and keeps its shape nicely when worn.  So I’ll have to see.

On a different note, I was going through my photos stored on our server.  I think it’s sad that I have more recent pictures of knitting from this blog than I do of my family.  I think maybe I should adjust my priorities and take more pictures of my family.  I’m pretty sure that in five years I’m not going to care what this heel looked like but I will like to see what my family looked like!

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