17 Feb

Was the first pair of gloves beginner’s luck?  I’m having an awful time with this pair.  Here’s the dilemma.

It’s the finger joints!  What the heck, man?  The first joint between the pinky and ring finger had TWO holes.  So I sewed them shut when I was burying the tail.  Well, the glove is inside out and I sewed away.  When I turned it right side out, I couldn’t believe what a crappy job the sewing was!

Okay… I just have to make sure the holes don’t appear in the next joint.  But they are there again!  After trying twice, it still looks terrible!  I have three options at this point.

1)  Rip the whole gloves out and use the yarn for socks.

2)  Rip the fingers out and try again.

3)  Rip the fingers out and make them into mittens.

Right now the gloves are marinating so I can think about the options.  I ripped the last pair of socks out too quickly when there was a save solution that could have worked.  So I don’t want to be too hasty in my ripping.  But I must say the nice thing about knitting that quilting didn’t provide, is the ability to reuse your materials.  If I rip out the gloves, I don’t throw anything away.  It just becomes a different project.  I like that.

So I started a pair of socks!  🙂  Gotta go to my safety net.  I know how to do socks for the most part anyway.  I began socks with Knit Picks Chroma yarn.  YUCK!  The yarn is soft as butter and lovely as can be.  But it’s hardly twisted at all and splits like crazy.  I was knitting it too tightly I think and fighting with it and said, “nope… not today”.  I was only a dozen rows into the first sock and decided to try another yarn.  A tried and true favorite – Knit Picks Hand Painted Stroll yarn in the color “Deep Waters Tonal”.  Ahhh…. bliss…..

The yarn is actually more purple than shown in this picture.  It’s really pretty.  I should buy a hank in every colorway they have.  The pattern is from Wendy Knits’ blog under Free Patterns.  It’s called Double Eyelet Rib Socks.  It’s going well.  I changed the SSK to Slip, K, Psso because I can execute that a bit better.  I’ve made one mistake but it’s not that big of deal and I’m not even going to point it out to you dear readers.  Okay, yes I am.  I can’t help it!  The last row of eyelets or holes was started a row too soon.  There.  You see it now?

But… as my sister pointed out from the last pair of socks… I am not going to wear these when I am invited to a state dinner at the White House and they are SOCKS after all… as in, INSIDE MY SHOE.  So I will not pull out four or five rows to correct it. I feel myself growing as a non-perfectionist already.

On a final note, I’m into blues, jazz, and ragtime songs for the piano.  I’m not good at the piano but these songs are just so fun to play.  This week’s song is shown in the youtube video.  That’s not me playing – but it’s a cool song, don’t you think?


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