Glove Update

15 Feb

So here is the picture of the fingering weight glove that I’ve started.  I’ve got the cuffs and hands done on both gloves.  That goes by quickly.  I’ve been working on the pinky finger for three days.  Okay, not three days.  But it feels like three days!  The pattern called for only 12 stitches for the pinky.  That was way too tight.  I ripped out and made it13 stitches… still not right.  The winner is 14 stitches which means that I had to cast on 3 stitches.  That shouldn’t affect the next finger because I’m sure I’ll have to pick up more stitches than what the pattern called for with each finger.

I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics – what he called a z-pack.  My lungs sounded fine – no pneumonia.  I’ll keep trying to sleep and keep taking the over the counter Mucinex and this z-pack and I’ll be back in no time at all.  One part of me wants to take a day or two off work to rest up and get this nipped.  But realistically, it’s a bad time.  We don’t have substitute teachers at the college level, so I have to cancel class which just puts us behind.  Also, we are off on Monday for Presidents’ Day so I’ll have a three day weekend ahead to recuperate.

Speaking of work, I’m reading a pretty good book called “Learner-Centered Teaching” by MaryEllen Weimer.  In theory it’s good but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how to implement it in my specific discipline.


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