Monday Musings

7 Feb

1)  I still have my cold but it’s significantly better.  I woke up with a terrible sinus headache this morning.  Advil and a ice compress really helped.

2)  I knitted a pair of mittens for my daughter this weekend.  I always thought mittens were time consuming but these were easy as can be.  Pictures will follow as soon as I get the matching hat finished.

3)  I also finished reading “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave.  I liked it.

4)  Hawk has decided that he can take off when playing ball.  Not a good thing…  He’s usually so intent on playing fetch that it never occurs to him to venture out on his own.  Today he had the ball in his mouth and looked at me; looked at freedom; and decided freedom was the way to go.  I had to get another ball from the garage and throw it to bring his attention back to the game.  Not a good thing…

5)  My many meetings are cutting in to my free time.  Today, again, I missed my son’s academic team match because of a meeting.  Bummer…

6)  I should have all the wallpaper stripped off the walls by this weekend.  Now we have to decide on paint color.  Our music teachers, bless their hearts, never even mentioned the toilet and sink in the family room while giving lessons last week.  They were probably wondering, “What the heck?”



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