I’m Sick

3 Feb

I have a chest cold.  It’s not too bad during the day but at night it’s torture!  Last night I had the chills so bad that I went to bed with socks, gloves, a sweatshirt and sweatpants. PLUS I put 3 quilts on my bed!  🙂  After I warmed up, the pounding headache just wouldn’t let me sleep.  I took some Theraflu before going to bed but it did nothing for my headache.  I got up finally at 1am and dug out some Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine – the nectar of the gods.  It worked like a charm on all my aches and pains and I slept until 7:30am when the dogs woke me to go outside.  It was -6 outside so needless to say, there was no ball throwing or other such nonsense.

I still have to work today.  The college is opening at noon and I have a class from noon to one only.  I only have 6 students in that class.  One has already emailed me to say he’s still snowed in.  He lives in the country.  I may be the only person in my class that shows up!  🙂  I really just need to get the book for tomorrow’s class so I can grade their last week’s assignment and prep.  I didn’t think to bring home the book on Monday – not realizing that we wouldn’t have class all week!

I’m almost done with Gianna’s second shorty sock.  I’m on the leg.  I didn’t get much knitting done yesterday because of my sickness.  I will get that sock done today though, I’m sure of it.

The problem with living with a 9yo who likes your knitting is that she’s constantly looking for projects for you to do next.  I’m sure that will pass as she discovers Abercrombie and other brand names.  But for now she loves the stuff I knit for her.  Next, she’s requesting matching hat, scarf and mittens.   I have been wanting to tackle mittens again.  The first pair I made weren’t very good/warm.  Too much air space.  I think tighter, thicker ones will be better.  The Yarn Harlot posted about some silk ones she just finished. She said silk is lighter and warmer than wool.  I have no source for silk in rural Illinois (besides the Internet) and I doubt that I could afford it anyway!  But I didn’t realize that silk was so warm…

Off to work I go.


One Response to “I’m Sick”

  1. Sonia February 3, 2011 at 3:04 PM #

    Hope you feel better.

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