2 Feb

There isn’t a single blog in the Midwest that isn’t going to have a post about the snow we received!  Oh my goodness!  I haven’t seen the latest estimates on how much we received but I’ll bet it was around 15-20″.

I can’t get a good picture this morning of the snow.  I’m going to look on the Internet about the best camera settings for something so bright.  It’s hard to not get a picture of all white with no depth.  Here’s the only decent one from this morning.  This is our front steps which consists of two small steps and a landing.  The brick wall is about knee high.

Not all the snow is that deep.  This is a big drift actually.  My husband and son went out last night a shoveled a bit thinking it would make the job easier today.  But with all the wind, it doesn’t look like any was shoveled at all!

I’ll post more pictures when I venture out again – after the wind dies down a bit.

Hawk loves the snow.  I need to get some pictures of him to send to Cory.  Most spots in our yard are at least up to his chest.  His tennis ball sinks immediately (obviously) but his rubber duck stays on top of the snow so I threw that with him this morning.  The dang dog can’t go the bathroom without retrieving something evidently.  He usually does fine first thing in the morning, but today he just looked at me until I went inside and got the duck.  Goofball…

I finished one of Gianna’s socks.  They are just “shorty socks” because

a)  The slipped stitch makes them less stretchy and I was worried about the sock fitting over her calf.

b)  The slipped stitch pattern wasn’t doing anything for the pooling – in fact it made it worse.  So I’ll finish the second one today (probably) and go on to the next project… I’m thinking about mittens next.  Mittens are just socks with a thumb.

On a final note, I woke up with a chest cold this morning.  Just keepin’ it interesting here…

On a final, final note:  My school did cancel day classes today.  But they aren’t sure about the night classes.  It’s supposed to keep blowing and get down to -9 tonight in temperature.  Are they serious?  Sheesh…


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